Tired Cake

This was my last cake of the class..... Ya the final class was all about tired cakes.....

We made a double tired cake.... This class was quite interesting as other other classes....

We made lot of flowers out of Royal icing as well in fondant......We enjoyed a lot making all those colourful flowers.....

And for the final class we were asked to bring a lot of things....Ya fist our instructor told us to make all the flowers in the same color as this was a wedding cake, she also asked us to bring many small drop flowers.....Than for the cake, we were asked to bring one 8" cake and a 6" cake....And 2 batches of butter cream icing, and of course lot of decorating tools.....

So my cake contains a theme of yellow flowers and white icing.....So I started to make all the flowers a week back.....I made 10 big flowers, a lot of drop flowers and some leaves out of fondant......

On the final day we took every thing and assembled it on the class and ......My cake was done.....

Birthday Cake For My Husband

July 11 was my husband's birthday.....So I decided to decorate a cake for him..... I was thinking for some nice design......

My hubby wanted a cake which has some flowers on them and then I ended up with this cake.....He loved it....

I made those blossom flowers out of fondant.....and made them dry....Then I iced the cake and piped the leaves with butter-cream icing and placed the flowers on them.....

My Cookie Bouquet

My next class for me was cookie blossom....We were suppose to do cookies with stick and decorate it as we wish....This was really interesting to do.

Finally we inserted this in clay pot as a bouquet.

These are some of the cookies I decorated and then I was ready to take to to my class. As usual I was tensed abt how I am going to take these cookies carefully to my class. But I arranged them on a cookie sheet and wrapped it with a plastic wrap and took them successfully.

Then finally I went to class and assembled the cookies in a pot as a bouquet. Then decorated it with some colour papers and some candy bunnies.

My First Fondant Cake

While I was finishing my courses of class, I also joined for fondant and gum paste class...It was really a lot of fun.......... I enjoyed a lot making this gum paste Flowers...

They were looking great........ I made some Carnation flower and a box case for my cake and a lot of daises........

We did all these for 3 weeks and on the final week, we made a cake and covered it with rolled out fondant and then decorated it with the daisy I made.......... I named it as DAISY WORLD because it had a lot daisy Flowers in it.

Coincidentally the monthly blog event, Monthly mingle had the theme Big Birthday Bang...... I decided to contribute it for that event.


This was my last class for my course 2. For three weeks we did all our flowers and birds and they were drying for 3 weeks.

For the last class we were supposed to bring a cake, a batch of butter cream icing and all these flowers and birds. I was all set to go. I was really tensed, how I am going to take all the flowers and birds safely. But some how I managed to take them safely.

My class started and we there thought about a technique called "basket weaving". It was really great looking one. It was for the sides of the cake. Then we iced the cake and started to make basket weave on the sides of the cake. Then we made borders for the cake.

Then the most interesting part……………..Assembling the flowers and birds in the cake. It was really fun to do so. My cake was looking so cute….Wat do u think?

My Course 2

Well I decided to join the course 2. This month class is all about making flowers and borders… And they a different type of icing called the royal icing. They are very much different form the butter cream icing which I made in the early cakes. They tend to dry out very fast. This was really fun and interesting.

Finally the class started and the instructor told that we were supposed to bring only the icing not the cake. We were supposed to take royal icing and the decorating tools for three weeks.

For these three weeks we will make different types of flowers and bring it home and let it to dry until the last week of the class. And guesses wat?................. No the final week we are supposed to take all the flowers and a cake. And then comes the GRAND FINALE CAKE… That is we will attach all the flowers that are shown in the picture.

They thought us to make different types of flowers and we also made a few birds to go on the top of our cake.

Up next My GRAND FINALE CAKE with all these flowers and birds and also with beautiful borders.

Final Cake Of Corse 1

You know what ....My first course was to be completed and we were supposed to make a full cake with borders and roses. There was little tension and anxiousness in me.

We were told to bring cake, butter cream icing and all our decorating tools. Finally the day came and we were in class and we iced the cake and we started making roses... I made violet colour roses...Then we placed the roes in the cake and we were thought to make leaves and I made it...

Then we made borders for the cake....We all got certificates for the class...Took photos and I came home. I took many photos of my cake... I was happy to see my beautiful cake....Wat do u think Huh?....

Guess what...................I register for my course 2 also...Does it sound great?
Course 2 is all about making flowers and borders. All those flowers must be made out of different type of icing called Royal icing..

Clown Cake

As I said before My first class was an demonstration class and the second one was the rainbow cake and then comes the third class. For the third class also they instructed us to bring a cake and 2 batches of butter cream icing and they told us to buy clown heads. They were available in the craft store in which the class was healed.

So I prepare the cake and icing and went to the shop and bought the clown heads and again I was all set for my third call. It so restless for me to make clown out of icing.
Then finally I went and we iced the cake and GUESS WHAT

YA..........we started making CLOWNS....O MY GOD....It was so easy...And they looked so elegant and they were so cute....Aren't they so?...I love it very very much.

Out of the 2 clowns. They yellow one was made by my instructor and the green clown was made by me...It was lot of fun.

Rainbow Cake - My First Cake Class

Yes after a long hunt I found an cake decorating class near my house itself....I can reach it in 5 to 10 mins walk.....I registered for one and I successfully started my classes.

My first class was an demonstration and introduction class. I had three more people along with me for the class. My first week class was very nice, I came to know about many information and tips abt baking cake and decorating it. We were instructed to bring a cake, butter cream icing, and a few equipments for decorating the cake. I was so excited about. I was waiting for that day.

I prepared all the items they asked to do and took it to my class....And we all did an rainbow cake.... It was a colourful one and they were little easy to make. I enjoyed it a lot.

Unfortunately I was not able to click the original cake that I made that day.... I made this cake the very next day...

Up next................more cakes that I have made in my class.

My Pineapple Wonder

My Husband and I were in shopping and I found a beautiful pineapple mould in an craft store.......So I thought why don't I make pineapple cake in it..... And my husband said that it an great idea....and we bought the mould....

After a week or so I came to know abt an online food event AFAM and that months fruit was pineapple....I was soo exited and I made the pineapple cake and than I thought of icing the cake....But suddenly some think strike my mind and I thought Y don't I make a glaze instead of regular icing....And this lead me to make my "PINEAPPLE WONDER". Sine it has pineapple both in cake as well as in the glaze, I name it as Pineapple Wonder...And I posted it for AFAM.

Thought this cake was looking good....(hope so.... ha.ha.ha). I wanted to improve My decorating skills in cake and I was hunting for cake decorating classes for 1 month.. At last I found one....near to my place....Is that great?

My First Cake

This is my first cake which I made and frosted.. It was a complete chocolate cake. It had chocolate in both cake and frosting. I named it "Chocolate Dream". This brought me more interest in baking cakes and mainly decorating it.

Then I brought some molds for baking cake..... That lead me to make a pineapple cake..