Clown Cake

As I said before My first class was an demonstration class and the second one was the rainbow cake and then comes the third class. For the third class also they instructed us to bring a cake and 2 batches of butter cream icing and they told us to buy clown heads. They were available in the craft store in which the class was healed.

So I prepare the cake and icing and went to the shop and bought the clown heads and again I was all set for my third call. It so restless for me to make clown out of icing.
Then finally I went and we iced the cake and GUESS WHAT

YA..........we started making CLOWNS....O MY GOD....It was so easy...And they looked so elegant and they were so cute....Aren't they so?...I love it very very much.

Out of the 2 clowns. They yellow one was made by my instructor and the green clown was made by me...It was lot of fun.


  1. Hey Sukanya Ramkumar your clown cake looks great! :)

  2. Hay Jeena thank u so much......

  3. Sukanya do we need a stand mixer .I am planning to join the wilton class too.

  4. Hi Guhapriya...I don't think u need a stand mixer....I did mine with a hand mixer.....