My Pineapple Wonder

My Husband and I were in shopping and I found a beautiful pineapple mould in an craft store.......So I thought why don't I make pineapple cake in it..... And my husband said that it an great idea....and we bought the mould....

After a week or so I came to know abt an online food event AFAM and that months fruit was pineapple....I was soo exited and I made the pineapple cake and than I thought of icing the cake....But suddenly some think strike my mind and I thought Y don't I make a glaze instead of regular icing....And this lead me to make my "PINEAPPLE WONDER". Sine it has pineapple both in cake as well as in the glaze, I name it as Pineapple Wonder...And I posted it for AFAM.

Thought this cake was looking good....(hope so.... ha.ha.ha). I wanted to improve My decorating skills in cake and I was hunting for cake decorating classes for 1 month.. At last I found one....near to my place....Is that great?