Final Cake Of Corse 1

You know what ....My first course was to be completed and we were supposed to make a full cake with borders and roses. There was little tension and anxiousness in me.

We were told to bring cake, butter cream icing and all our decorating tools. Finally the day came and we were in class and we iced the cake and we started making roses... I made violet colour roses...Then we placed the roes in the cake and we were thought to make leaves and I made it...

Then we made borders for the cake....We all got certificates for the class...Took photos and I came home. I took many photos of my cake... I was happy to see my beautiful cake....Wat do u think Huh?....

Guess what...................I register for my course 2 also...Does it sound great?
Course 2 is all about making flowers and borders. All those flowers must be made out of different type of icing called Royal icing..


  1. Hi Sukanya I think your cake is fantastic it looks very proffessional! I would love to hear any cake decorating tips you may pick up at your classes :) What great fun it must be doing your classes :)

  2. Thank u jeena....Its my pleasure to share all the tips abt cake decorating....

  3. nice cake work, sukanya. keep up the good work.