Tired Cake

This was my last cake of the class..... Ya the final class was all about tired cakes.....

We made a double tired cake.... This class was quite interesting as other other classes....

We made lot of flowers out of Royal icing as well in fondant......We enjoyed a lot making all those colourful flowers.....

And for the final class we were asked to bring a lot of things....Ya fist our instructor told us to make all the flowers in the same color as this was a wedding cake, she also asked us to bring many small drop flowers.....Than for the cake, we were asked to bring one 8" cake and a 6" cake....And 2 batches of butter cream icing, and of course lot of decorating tools.....

So my cake contains a theme of yellow flowers and white icing.....So I started to make all the flowers a week back.....I made 10 big flowers, a lot of drop flowers and some leaves out of fondant......

On the final day we took every thing and assembled it on the class and ......My cake was done.....


  1. Hi Sukanya,
    This is my first time at your blog(s)!
    The cake looks really gorgeous.I always try to make cakes but I always miss some or the other thing.I would like to know where you have learnt ...can you please suggest me..

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  3. Dear Sukanya
    Found your blog through clicking the URLs of the fellow co-bloggers, and I am impressed by your cake art.
    Very good work.
    Compliments come to you from a fellow cake blogger from Botswana.

  4. wow looks yummy and delicious..u hav lot of patience girl...first time here..nice blog

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  6. How lovely!
    Your work is the Japanese is not very great!
    I have links to your site.
    We hope to link my site please.

  7. Cake looks awesome, are i don't have ny words, u have wonderful blog:))

  8. Hi sukanya, I have tagged you for a meme :) Do participate if you can :)

  9. First time here Sukanya...gr8 cakes. Would be glad if u could share some tips on it.

  10. I haven't visited this blog earlier! Great cakes! Very prettily done up:)

  11. hi sukanya,

    cake looks soo beautiful...

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  13. gr8 job sukanya ..awesome cakes pls visit my blog if u get a chance