This was my last class for my course 2. For three weeks we did all our flowers and birds and they were drying for 3 weeks.

For the last class we were supposed to bring a cake, a batch of butter cream icing and all these flowers and birds. I was all set to go. I was really tensed, how I am going to take all the flowers and birds safely. But some how I managed to take them safely.

My class started and we there thought about a technique called "basket weaving". It was really great looking one. It was for the sides of the cake. Then we iced the cake and started to make basket weave on the sides of the cake. Then we made borders for the cake.

Then the most interesting part……………..Assembling the flowers and birds in the cake. It was really fun to do so. My cake was looking so cute….Wat do u think?


  1. Hi Sukanya,

    All cakes looks marvellous....OMG!it really tempts us alot.

    Roses and birds are very creative...

  2. I was waiting to see this cake. It is so cute. colourful one.

  3. What a beautiful cake Sukanya well done :)

  4. Thank u so much Rekha and jeena....

  5. Your cakes are an inspiration!

  6. hey sukanya, i love all ur cakes. they look too good, tempting, i wish i could grab one directly from ur blog :D

  7. hi sukanya,
    i love all ur cakes.. they look very beautiful n tempting :-), i'm also very intrested in cake decoratings,
    now i'm in US ,where can i find such courses n how much does it costs??

    hope u will help me out


  8. hi sukanya,

    i love ur cakes... they r very beautiful n very tempting :-), i'm very intrested in cake decorations,
    i'm now in US n would like to take a course.
    can u tell where can i find such courses and how much it costs??

    hope u will help me

    regrad, sujatha