Rainbow Cake - My First Cake Class

Yes after a long hunt I found an cake decorating class near my house itself....I can reach it in 5 to 10 mins walk.....I registered for one and I successfully started my classes.

My first class was an demonstration and introduction class. I had three more people along with me for the class. My first week class was very nice, I came to know about many information and tips abt baking cake and decorating it. We were instructed to bring a cake, butter cream icing, and a few equipments for decorating the cake. I was so excited about. I was waiting for that day.

I prepared all the items they asked to do and took it to my class....And we all did an rainbow cake.... It was a colourful one and they were little easy to make. I enjoyed it a lot.

Unfortunately I was not able to click the original cake that I made that day.... I made this cake the very next day...

Up next................more cakes that I have made in my class.


  1. the cakes are so beautiful sukanya.
    I too love decorate cakes but i am not so good..have to practice a lot..:-)

  2. Hi sukanya, looks very beautiful and yummy. i like cake decoration very much but till now i didn't do it. After seeing yours, its tempting to me to try. Thanks for your cake recipe.

  3. Hi friends.....
    O O even I have to practice a lot..

    Thank u for ur comments..