Birthday Cake For My Husband

July 11 was my husband's birthday.....So I decided to decorate a cake for him..... I was thinking for some nice design......

My hubby wanted a cake which has some flowers on them and then I ended up with this cake.....He loved it....

I made those blossom flowers out of fondant.....and made them dry....Then I iced the cake and piped the leaves with butter-cream icing and placed the flowers on them.....


  1. Oh gosh, Sukanya, the cake looks decadently yummy.... i wish i lived near your place so i could come over and sample some. Your husband is a lucky guy. Hope you guys enjoyed the cake as well as the b'day

  2. This cake so beautiful. Those flowers looks perfect.

  3. Hi Sukanya,

    Thats the amazing,creative cake you created...enjoy your hubby would have felt really excited after seeing the are just beautiful as real one...

  4. Sukanya, Did you decorate the cake so professionally all by yourself? Nice I loved it and I am sure your hubby must have had the most beautiful b'day.

  5. Sukanya, this is my first time at your blog(s)!
    The cake looks so so yummy - beautifully decorated!
    I also liked you beauty tips, I will be popping in and out of your blogs

  6. Hi Sukanya, the cake looks lovely.

    I have been baking for years now but hardly ever decorate a cake. Can you help me with a recipe for simple frosting and icing. My hubby's birthday is on friday and I would like to surprise him with a good looking cake.

  7. Hi saju:
    Welcome to my blog(s).......I am happy that u people liked my works... Thank u for ur comments...

  8. Hi Raaga:
    Welcome to my blog......Mostly cakes are decorated with butter cream icing.....The recipe is

    Vegetable Shortening - 1 cup
    Vanilla flavor - 1 teaspoon
    Milk or water - 4 tablespoon
    Confectioners sugar - 1 lb(approx 4 cups)
    Meringue powder - 1 tablespoon
    salt - a pinch

    Cream Shortening,flavoring and water. Add all the dry ingredients and mix on medium speed untill all ingredients are mixed(7 mins)

    This is the basic recipe for butter cream icing....Any colour can to added to it...

    Meringue powder will be any craft store where wilton products are sold....

    Any doubts let me know....

  9. Thank you. I live in India and don't think I can get meringue powder here. Let me try :-)

  10. Hi Raaga....
    Meringue powder can be substituted with egg whites.......And i think Vegetable Shortening can be sutituted with our India's white butter.....

  11. wow! this is so pretty!! i am an aspiring baker too :) want to get an oven first :D now, baking is confined to when i go home on vacation..

    do check out my choc cake recipe and let me know what you think:

  12. Welcome to my blog N....Thank u for u comments...

  13. Hi Sukanya,

    Your cakes look really good!.So u make great milkshakes & cakes too!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog:-)

  14. Hi TBC....Welcome to my blog....Thank u......

  15. Hi Sukanya, This cake is looking so cute. U are so creative, Nice color combination. Nice work.

  16. Looks very delicious Sukanya.....Ur hubby sure is lucky dear :-)The icing was awesome....:-)

  17. shilpa(Aayisrecipes)Thu Aug 16, 06:43:00 PM CST

    A very beautiful cake Sukanya. I am not sure if I had commented before, but all your cakes are simply beautiful. This one is the best among the lot. No wonder your hubby loved it. I feel cake decorating is a very easy way to anyone's heart, what do you say?

  18. Hi Sirisha Kilambi....
    Welcome to my blog......Thank u for ur comments...

  19. Hi Shilpa......
    That's very very true Shilpa....I do agree with ur comments....Thank u......

  20. You should have become a professional baker aas all of them look good.

  21. Hi sukhanya,
    What a beautiful layout! I love your site look!
    And the cakes.. I just love them! You have done the icing perfectly.
    Your krishna picture is great!

  22. I've never worked with fondant. I should given how beautiful your cake is. Is it easy to work with?

  23. Hi Latha Narasimhan....
    Welcome to my blog.....Thank u for ur sweet words.....I love that Lord Krishna's Picture....

  24. Hi Nirmala....
    Welcome to my blog...If u have some pratice u can rock ur fondant cakes...Thank u....